Plant Power Your Cinco de Mayo

Plant Power Your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations with Dairy- and Soy-Free Horchatas and All Natural Aguas Frescas from Califia Farms 

Traditional Latin-inspired classics, crafted with a California twist, are the perfect mixers for Cinco de Mayo cocktails and mocktails  

Los Angeles, Calif. – April 29, 2015 – Califia Farms’ limited edition Horchatas and Aguas Frescas have arrived in the refrigerator aisle of your local Whole Foods Market® just in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Packed with flavor and lightly sweetened, both traditional Latin classics will put a remarkably refreshing spin on any party. Served on their own or used as a mixer for a favorite Mexican-inspired cocktail or mocktail, Califia Farms Horchatas and Aguas Frescas are like no others on the market and use only the finest ingredients and artisanal processes to achieve guilt-free deliciousness.

The Horchatas are made with Califia Farms’ award-winning Almondmilk, known for its great taste and creamy mouthfeel, combined with a rice milk and tigernut (chufa) milk blend for authenticity, flavor and texture. Available in two flavors: Vanilla Coconut and Classic Cinnamon.

Califia Farms Aguas Frescas come in five refreshing flavors with bright, festive artwork inspired by Mexican mural art and Dia de los Muertos designs. Two new flavors this year are Mango Chili Lime, a slightly spicy take on the popular tropical combination, and Pineapple Ginger, a nuanced flavor upgrade to traditional pineapple juice. These join Strawberry Basil, Kiwi Cactus Lemonade and Watermelon Ginger Lime – all of which are delicious on their own or as mixers in summer cocktails.

Flavorful Cinco de Mayo Plant-Powered Party Drinks
(each recipe makes approximately 12 cocktails) 

Pineapple Ginger Martini
1 bottle of Pineapple Ginger Agua Fresca (6 cups) + 2 cups vodka + Agave to taste. Garnish with a pineapple wedge; serve over ice 

Mango Chili Lime Sangria
1 bottle Mango Chili Lime Agua Fresca (6 cups) + 2 bottle of sweet white wine (Riesling, for example) + 2 oranges, sliced + 1 lemon, sliced (additional fruit optional). Muddle and let sit overnight; serve over ice

Cochata Cocktail
1 bottle Classic Cinnamon Horchata (6 cups) + 2 cups Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee + 2 cups rum. Serve over ice

Califia Farms plant-powered beverages have received numerous awards not only for their taste but also for their packaging: a chic, modern design reminiscent of classic milk bottles.

Califia Farms Horchatas are available in multi-serve 48 oz. bottles, and the new Aguas Frescas flavors are available in single-serve, 10.5 oz. containers as well as multi-serve 48 oz. containers exclusively at Whole Foods Market April 1 - July 1 and at retailers nationwide through September. 

To read the Spanish language version of the recipes and press release, click here.


About Califia Farms (pronounced “Cal-lih-FEE-ya,” like California)
Inspired by the bounty of California, Califia Farms’ mission is to innovate delicious plant-powered foods for mindful nourishment. The company tripled its revenues in the almond milk category from 2013 to 2014 and is a leader in the revolution to de-commodify the food and beverage industry by creating innovative, healthy and great-tasting premium beverages that make it easy for consumers to go ‘plant-powered’ and dairy-free, without compromise. Founded in 2010 by a farmer’s co-operative based in the San Joaquin Valley and headed by beverage visionary Greg Steltenpohl, Califia Farms is a uniquely California company. Its Bakersfield, Calif. manufacturing plant uses artisanal processes to create healthy and delicious plant-based beverages, is eco-friendly, energy efficient and repurposes more than 90 percent of its post-production byproduct. Califia Farms is the fastest-growing natural beverage company in the U.S., as well as the leading brand in the natural products coffee drinks category.

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