Winter is coming. Now what?

The weather outside may be frightful, but a prepped immune system can help you avoid the wheezing and sneezing of winter. Stock your fridge with a DIY immunity kit full of drinks that pack a health-powered punch. 

Full Shot Cold Brew – Step up your cold brew with 6g of plant-based protein and 2g of MCTs. MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are fats that are quickly digested into ketone bodies, which can be used as an alternative energy source. They occur naturally in coconut oil and are known to fight viruses and bacteria. Full Shot can help increase your energy, clear your mind and prepare for flu season.

Orange Juice – Whether in a large bottle or grab-and-go, our OJ is sure to give your immune system a boost with 100% of your daily vitamin c. Down it with breakfast or sip it throughout the afternoon. 

Ginger Almondmilk – This enhanced Almondmilk is made with the power duo ginger and turmeric, some of the planet’s top disease-fighting spices. High in magnesium and vitamin c, this drink can help lower inflammation and prevent that dreaded cold.