Skin struggles? Claire Grieve shares her secret weapons

This post was written by Claire Grieve – an international yoga specialist, stretch therapist, health coach, and wellness writer. Check out her website for more information.

Let's all agree that beauty is more than skin deep, in more ways than one. What you put in your body will show up outside your body, and one of the first places is your face. Your skin clarity is a roadmap to how you have been, or haven’t been, nourishing and fueling your body. Stress, hormones, and circumstances all play a big, big role. But truth is, nutrition is the largest contributing factor to your skin's clarity and glow — but here's the good news: it's all under your control!

Consider this your cheat sheet to giving your skin what it needs to build a healthy environment for clear, radiant skin before you even have to consider shopping for skincare products. My aim is to include as many of these superfoods into my morning smoothie, with Califia Farms Almondmilk as a base.

Almonds: Califia Farms Almondmilk 

Califia Farms is the best chemical-free Almondmilk on the market — one of the many reasons why I love it. It is the only Almondmilk I will drink, and I get the flavor and superfood boost that almonds provide. It’s a plentiful source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and it is low in sugars and mucky chemicals — a win-win-win across the board. 

Collagen Powder

This is my ultimate secret to navigating the natural process of aging. Collagen powder helps to heal gut issues and enhances skin and hair from the inside out. Virtually flavorless, I spoon some into my daily smoothie or gluten-free oats. Not only does it prevent acne, but it is one of the best anti-aging products to fight wrinkles that you can stock your pantry with. 


Hormones are powerful. If my skin is angry with me, it's always around my monthly cycle. I add maca powder to my daily smoothie, and I add a little extra before my cycle begins. It naturally balances hormones and can be an acne remedy for many women. P.S. — it's also a great alternative to caffeine, as it provides natural energy without the crash.


If you haven’t hopped on the turmeric train, now is the time. My favorite way to incorporate it is in my nightly Golden Tea, mixed with Califia Farms Almondmilk and a splash of ground black pepper for enhanced bioavailability. A natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric soothes inflammatory acne from the inside and can also be mixed with coconut oil topically to form a paste.


Your gut health directly impacts your skin. Kombucha is a pleasurable and convenient way to replenish your gut with the healthy bacteria that years of antibiotics and stress have diminished. Consider it a fermented happy juice — boosting skin, preventing breakouts, and lifting my mood. If you are new to probiotics and fermented foods, start small, as it can make you nauseous until your body adjusts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is basically liquid gold. Drink two teaspoons daily, diluted with water, for improved digestion and gut health. If you're having a rough skin day, try using ACV diluted 1:1 with water as a toner, externally. 


This is right up there with ACV for me. Matcha is packed with nutrients and is a great anti-inflammatory. This helps boost your skin while simultaneously giving you a steady energy that lasts all day. It also has L-Theanine and Gaba in it, which are natural mood enhancers that will help you decrease your stress from within. 


My favorite fatty food. The effects of avocados are remarkable. Packed with Vitamin A, D and E, they are a daily necessity for healthy, glowing skin. Also, the good fat will soften skin cells, keep you fuller longer, and prevent you from binging on sugary, less-nourishing foods throughout the day that do not serve your skin well.


My daily step towards detoxification. Juice half a lemon into warm water every morning before breakfast. Think of this as a precursor to your smoothie to warm up your digestion. Lemon promotes hydration, detoxifies your liver and is highly alkaline. Lemon is a beauty powerhouse that delivers a natural, collagen-boosting, antioxidant-packed vitamin C punch to cultivate healthy skin and lower inflammation.

Califia Farms Almondmilk is the glue to mixing the majority of these secret-weapon foods together for a smoothie that will combat skin struggles. So whip out the blender and give these skin-boosting ingredients a go.