Our Remarkable Bottle’s Story

Our mission is to achieve the extraordinary for our customers — every day and in every way. We challenge ourselves to create delicious plant-based products that are not only good for you but that you also feel good about enjoying. Our iconic bottle is the embodiment of that commitment, from its unique shape to the materials we used to create it.   

To make our bottle innovative and extraordinary, we spent months of thoughtful consideration and experimentation, working with a team of great designers, to invent a bottle that really stands out on the shelf, that offers a truly pleasurable aesthetic, all inspired by our goddess muse, Califia. And we did it not only to delight our customers, but also to challenge the dullness that has defined the dairy case — to disrupt a commoditized experience. (In fact, we were named one of 2015’s 10 “Top Challenger” brands in food and beverage partly as a result of our unique, design-driven, “disrupting” bottle.)

So, where did we start when we went to the drawing board to create our now iconic shape? We looked at history, both recent and ancient, for inspiration. The reason our bottle shape is so appealing is that it’s not only a nod to the traditional milk bottle, but is also based on the classical proportions featured in a Greek Amphora.

The tactile relationship with our bottle was a critical consideration in the design process: making it feel good in your hands. So we created a soft, feel-good plastic with a grippable neck, and ergonomics that lend itself to an easy twist off cap. 

And, because sustainability is core to our ethos, we embedded sustainability into the bottle: we use a resin that goes into one recycling stream, ensuring the bottle is 100% recyclable. This differs from the majority of PET bottles that use multiple resins, something that can complicate upstream recyclability. By eliminating this potential confusion, we believe more of our bottles have lives beyond their first usage.

And the proof is in the pudding: our bottle has won two prestigious package design awards. Including top honors in Beverage World Magazine’s 2015 Global Packaging Design Awards; The Pentaward, the only worldwide award for packaging in all its forms, and the American Package Design Awards. But do you want to know what we love even more than all that prestigious pudding? Your bottle love. We often get calls and emails from customers telling us how much they love our products and, very frequently, they say it was our bottles that first drew them to Califia and set us apart from other brands: everything from the iconic shape to the graphics, including the image of Califia, our goddess muse, to the sustainable materials we use and even the way the bottle feels in their hands.

Because its shape is so distinctive, when you see one of our bottles, you instinctively know you’re going to have a Califia Farms’ experience — chock-full of delicious, mindful nourishment from California-grown fruits and nuts. We’d rather show than tell, so we’ll let our consumers’ feedback speak for itself: 

“I love all your products and buy your clever looking bottles whenever we see them. It started with the Vanilla Almondmilk and Iced Coffees. Then we found the Agua Fresca at our local Whole Foods.”

“Your Coconut Almondmilk is our favorite – it is delicious and the design of the container is really fun. It caught my eye.”

“We wanted to move away from cow’s milk for ourselves and our two-year-old son. We chose your Almondmilk because of the packaging…it really sets you above every other.”

And many of our Califians have found creative ways to upcycle their bottles. Check out this amazing bird feeder fashioned from one of our bottles — and learn how to make your own here: http://bit.ly/1TsEHmU.

And here’s a picture of a proud preschooler who, along with her classmates, repurposed our bottles last Mother’s Day.

Or maybe you're looking for something to light up your home? Your Califia bottle can do that too. Check out the full how-to here: bit.ly/CalifiaTableLamp

We would love to see what creative ways you are using your Califia bottles. Please send us photos to social@califiafarms.com or post them on social media, tagging @CalifiaFarms. Your Califia inspiration is why we do what we do.