Mindful Nourishment. What it Means to Califia Farms

By: Greg Steltenpohl, CEO Califia Farms

 Image: Califia Farms Founder Greg Steltenpohl

As people around the world celebrate Earth Day today, I’ve been thinking about what we mean when we talk about ‘Mindful Nourishment,’ at Califia Farms.  It's a term we use a lot - it’s an integral part of our mission and of our planet-friendly ethos, which is focused around the benefits of plant-powered beverages.

Broadly, Mindful Nourishment means being aware/mindful of where our ‘nourishment’ comes from: what it’s made of, its impact on the planet, its nutritional value, how it has been processed and created and, of course, the values of the producer behind that nourishment.

As a company dedicated to delivering sustainable, plant-powered beverages that taste delicious, Mindful Nourishment is our core value. It’s integral to every decision we make – from the suppliers we work with, to the processes within our manufacturing plant and, importantly, in our distribution plans to make this nourishment affordable and more available to consumers across the country.

Increasingly, Mindful Nourishment (even if not under that specific label) has become a part of the everyday food mission of today’s consumer, especially Millennials but, also, increasingly across broad sections of this country. People care more about what they consume -is it healthy? is it sustainable? We are all more inquisitive about how the food on our table originated, and the transparency and the social immediacy of the Internet has done much to drive this. And I think that is a good thing.

So, what does this have to do with Earth Day? I am just old enough to remember the very first Earth Day in 1970, an exciting national movement to honor the Earth that activated 20 million of Americans to mobilize for the environment.  In many ways, today’s Mindful Nourishment is simply an extension of that first Earth Day. Back in the seventies, that activism spurred the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, among others. And, while there is still a powerful activist environmental movement, some of the original impulses of Earth Day have found a quieter voice and activism in Mindful Nourishment, a movement that has become an integral part of the ethos of so many companies and of the diet of so many families. 

Whereas in the 1970s, the convenience of ’Hamburger Helper’ and frozen tubes of orange juice concentrate were about as mindful as things got in the supermarket, now a trip to the average local supermarket means access to sustainable, local and organic produce, fresh juices, green cleaning products, fair trade and organic coffees, and multiple non-dairy alternatives – from the freezer to the dairy case.

At Califia Farms, we know that people consume our products first and foremost because they are simply delicious.  But because our ethos is one of sustainability and our products are plant-powered (our plant-based nutrition is produced with a much lower carbon and water footprint than animal-based nutrition and it is generally accepted that a plant-based diet has a lower negative impact on our planet), our nourishment becomes automatically mindful for the consumer – and that means being both planet- and body-friendly. Our plant-powered products are not only dairy- and gluten-free but they are low in fat, low in sugar and non-GMO – and, of course, full of mindful nutrition.

We hope that the mindful care that is taken to produce the products you care about also stimulates your own desire to make the world a better place.

So, our commitment to you, our fans and consumers, on this Earth Day 2015, is to the quiet activism of Mindful Nourishment. We commit to continuing to create delicious, plant-powered beverages with respect for our planet, from only the finest of ingredients and using the best artisanal processes, delivering a remarkable product that you are both delighted and proud to have on your table.