Go Green at Home With This DIY Terrarium

Sure, our bottles are 100 percent recyclable, but they’re also 100 percent functional. Case in point: they make for a unique (and easy) DIY terrarium. So whether you’ve got a single serve bottle or a 48-ouncer on hand, turn your trash into treasure with this how-to. 

Following these seven steps, you’ll make the ultimate (not to mention, low maintenance) plant décor for your pad. 

Required Materials:

  • Used Califia Bottle
  • Active charcoal
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Water
  • Stick (Tip: we taped a fork to a straw)
  • Scissors
  • Plants
  • Pebbles
  • Soil

Remember, terrariums were born to be personalized. Toss in some dynamic colored plants or rocks, or place a small figurine inside — just do you to make it totally original. 

Step 1: Use the scissors to remove the label from your Califia bottle. 

Step 2: For the first layer, place some pebbles as the base in your bottle. We used two types of pebbles — we recommend larger pebbles for the base.

Step 3: Put a layer of active charcoal over your base. Charcoal helps absorb toxins and odors so your plants can thrive and not smell. 

Step 4: Now create a layer of soil, a couple inches thick, in your bottle. 

Step 5: Here’s the exciting part: start placing your plants in that soil. Just like planting in a garden or pot, you’ll want to wiggle each plant into the soil so its roots are firmly planted. Depending on which bottle you’re working with, you may be doing this just once or a handful of times. To get our plants just right, we made an impromptu stick with a straw-fork-tape combination, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Step 6: Once your plants have been placed, add some sphagnum moss and finishing touches. And voilà!  

Step 7: Lastly, pour enough water to moisten the soil in your terrarium. Screw on the lid and admire your masterpiece. If your bottle begins to look cloudy, take off the lid for a few hours before closing the terrarium again. 

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