Fathers Day DIY Project: Upcycle Your Califia Farms Bottle

Today is Father's Day and we suggest some bonding time with the man of the day. Sharing a drink with him is a good way to get in some quality time (cold brew, anyone?), but after you kill a 48oz of your favorite Califia Farms Cold Brew, don't toss that beautiful bottle in the recycling bin. Use it (disclaimer: you'll need two 48oz bottles for this)!

Here's how to upcycle those beautiful curves into a planter for your go-to herbs. You can grow and regrow them into an integral part of your kitchen. Ours at Califia HQ will be stocked with fresh basil for a while.

Step 1: Gather the necessary accoutrements:

  • Two (2) 48oz Califia Farms bottles 
  • Your herb(s) — or any plant — of choice
  • A sharp object for cutting the bottles
  • Some extra dirt for keeping the plant(s) firmly potted
  • Small rocks for drainage and a sturdy base

Step 2: Slice the bottom part off of one bottle, so it looks like a funnel when turned upside down. Slice the other right above the hips.

Step 3: Fill the shorter of the two bottles with rocks so there's no chance of it tipping over, then turn the taller bottle (with no bottom) upside down and place it as deep as it will go into the rocks (this part requires a bit of force).

Step 4: Put a base of dirt inside the upside down bottle — about half of the bottle should do it.

Step 5: Place your chosen plant inside and surround with dirt so it's stable and the roots have room to grow.

Step 6: Water it and enjoy!