Cat & Cloud's More-Than-A-Mojito Mojito

The fall solstice is officially upon us, but no one is quite ready to shut the door on summer. Cat & Cloud to the rescue — the guys have shaken up a cocktail to help ease our transition into cooler weather. 

The More-Than-A-Mojito Mojito is milky, minty, sweet with just a kiss of kick. The mint and cold brew make for a cool, refreshing sip, which is subtly balanced by the warm spice of the cinnamon and cayenne. It's summer meets fall in a glass — with a shot of rum, if you're looking for a buzz. 




For the non-alcoholic version, mix ingredients in a glass and stir gently. If you're adding a shot of rum, mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour over ice in a glass. 

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