Carrageenan Free: Your Wish, Our Command

 Image: Califia Farms - Carrageenan has left the bottle. We are now 100% Carrageenana free.

Califians, we’re happy to announce that our products are now 100 percent carrageenan-free. We heard your concerns and, as of today, every container of creamy, dreamy Califia goodness that you know and love is carrageenan-free. 

Carrageenan, naturally derived from seaweed, is a very common natural ingredient in the beverage industry and has been proven safe to consume by the FDA. When we originally developed our recipe, carrageenan was added to our Almondmilks, Coffee Creamers and Cold Brew Coffees to help achieve a creamy texture. 

But we began to hear from you, our fans, and you told us your concerns about carrageenan.

On June 24, 2013, we embarked on an extensive research and development plan to find a substitute that delivered the high quality and flavor you know and love. Ultimately, we found that locust bean gum, extracted from seeds from the carob tree, could deliver on our Almondmilks’ signature creaminess and taste. The change meant significant capital investments and changes in our production facilities to accommodate the new recipe. But we are pleased to say that now every one of our products is carrageenan-free.

Due to shipping, processing and inventory levels, we anticipate that some products produced before the November 1st date will be on shelves through the end of the first quarter of 2016. 

But you can be sure that for all products made after November 1st, if it says Califia Farms on the label, it will be delicious and there will be no carrageenan in the ingredient list. 

And that’s because we heard you — and Califia Farms loves you back. 

Greg Steltenpohl, Founder & CEO