Califia Almondmilk 101

Our friends at Cat & Cloud are baristas who know what's up. While steaming non-dairy can be challenging, they're serving up some tips + tricks that will help you handle our Almondmilk like a pro. You may even be able to pull off some beautiful latte art — really. 

1. Positioning is everything. The guys remind us that your steam tip should be placed just below the Almondmilk, not against the side of your cup or mug, but not in the middle either. Don't forget to keep that pitcher still!

2. Perfect the pour. You'll have to pour sooner than you may be used to, and keep that steam tip close to the liquid. Voila!

How'd your latte art turn out? Let us know by tagging @CalifiaFarms and @catcloudcoffee.