Building a Brand Film

At Califia Farms, we pride ourselves on a few simple things: ingredients, innovation and community. Before we tell you how we managed to fit all that into a :30 film, heres the final product.

So how did this short film come to be? We worked hand-in-hand with our marketing pals at Erwin Penland to make a film that could encapsulate all we hold dearest. We wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain, into the minds of the people who dream of a better future for food and the process that is getting us there. 

We envisioned a story that began in a bleak, big food world and quickly went somewhere much better — somewhere all about creativity and craft and attention to detail. So we got down to business on set; take a look behind the scenes.

It took some doing, but we laid out the story of our ingredients: California-grown fruits and nuts, and coffee beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Artists and designers worked together to help our ingredients shine, from milks to cold brews to juices.

Of course, we featured our signature bottle and an artful portrayal of our busy product development process. Because we had to show at least a couple nuggets of the innovative spirit that drives us.

And, then, we threw in some people — well, their hands, anyway. All colors, shapes and sizes. These are the people who make Califia Farms and the people who enjoy it; it's a group we dream will keep on growing in every possible direction.

So we hope you love our new film as much as our products, and wed love to hear about it. Tweet your thoughts to @CalifiaFarms.

Special thanks to the crafty creators at Charlex and for the musical stylings of Matt Whyte.