Brunch With Califia in Denver

What’s better than brunch? It’s the weekend and you’ve got all day to to drink, eat, and hang with good company. That’s why we were inspired to host our first-ever Brunch With Califia a few weekends ago in Denver.

Brunch With Califia Event

In collaboration with our friend Oh, Ladycakes and traveling supper club, The Dinner Party Association, we gathered a lovely group of locals at the Logan House Coffee warehouse in RiNo for an afternoon of Califia-infused coffees, cocktails and dishes.

Brunch With Califia Guests

We kicked off the morning with bartender Lawrence Mack spinning up some fresh-to-death Califia cocktails — the Well-Behaved and the Not So Black & White, a cold brew coffee drink made with one of our newest offerings.

Brunch With Califia Cocktail
Brunch With Califia Bartender

Before taking a seat, guests also sipped on our latest and greatest products — Matcha Almondmilk, Ginger Almondmilk, CaliCoco, Black & White and Full Shot — and noshed on nibbles from the DIY toast bar.

Brunch With Califia Full Shot

We got the feast rolling with Oh, Ladycakes serving up a tropical ginger smoothie, made with our Ginger Almondmilk and topped with a sprinkle of freeze-dried strawberries.

Brunch With Califia Smoothie Making
Brunch With Califia Smoothie

The next course came courtesy of chef Kyle Morgan: veggie breakfast tacos with smoked eggplant, mushroom, bell pepper finished with a mango papaya puree.

Brunch With Califia Tacos

Then we moved on to a Colorado grain mixto with a Califia curry consommé, made with our whole coconut smoothie, CaliCoco. It was good — no, great — to the very last bite.

Brunch With Califia CaliCoco Grain
Brunch With Califia Meal

And, of course, brunch isn’t complete without something sweet. We finished with a vanilla bean and matcha chia pudding, made with our Matcha Almondmilk (and the recipe is up on Oh, Ladycakes).

Brunch With Califia Matcha Chia Pudding

After we licked the jars clean, it was (sadly) time for guests to snap their last few photos, stuff their goodie bags with product and say see you later. Till next time!

Stay tuned as we plan more #DineWithCalifia events throughout the year.