Best of May: 12 Thumb-Stopping Photos You Tagged Us In

Throughout the month of May, we were tagged in plenty of posts on social media. Some we liked and some we loved — and we want to pay homage to the best of the best. This is a collection of the 12 thumb-stopping posts that you tagged us in over the last 31 days.

If you'd like to be featured in next month's roundup, you might take a page out of these users' playbook. Just make sure to tag us @CalifiaFarms.

We've expanded across the pond, and the U.K. appears to have a thing for dairy-free. Thanks for the shot, @robin_kent!

Get your latte art on, @vertigocoffeeroasters.

Our pop-up Califia Café was open for the month of May in Manhattan at Bandier's 5th Avenue location, where they offered classes in Studio B and we poured drinks. If you missed it, keep your eyes peeled for our next activation. Great composition, @bimbyh!

Also at Califia Café was a kaleidoscope photo booth, where you could take trippy photos like this one snapped by @corylevinelopez

Our bottles can be used for plenty of things after enjoying what's inside. @jayesbe put some plants back in the bottle. So meta.

If you were in London this month, you might've heard about Balance Festival, where we poured drinks for days (literally). @balance_festival shared this shot of our Toasted Oats N' Almond Almondmilk, which launched just prior.

Team Califia leader, @gregstel, captured a moment of production. These empty bottles are filled and then make their way to you for maximum enjoyment.

While you could simply drink our products, they can be used in a variety of other ways. @happyhealthyfull_ demonstrates.

We surprised @thewholesomeminimalist with this beautiful mug, and she filled it with something equally gorgeous. One great product deserves another, we'd say.

The shadows, the patterns, the symmetry. Oh, and the XX Espresso Cold Brew! Everything about this photo by @hellojanielynn points to yes.

If you've wandered Los Angeles' Arts District, you might've come across this door. @sheissabrinaj took a moment to pose with Queen Califia and we're diggin' it.

The force is strong with this one. Bravo, @run_fanboy_run