3 Ways to De-Stress Holiday Travel

Traveling for the holidays can be bittersweet. It’s great to reconnect with people and places you might only see once a year, but it takes a toll on your body. Travel logistics, time zone changes and interruptions to your routine can really throw your zen off kilter. So here are three simple, self-care steps that will keep the holidays from ruining your holiday.


Our bodies are meant to move. After sitting in a plane, train or car all day, your hips and back might not feel the happiest. Here’s a simple stretch you can do to open your hips, relieve pressure on your spine and undo those hours spent sitting. All you need is a couch.

Step One: Set Up
Stand in front of the couch, facing away, as if you’re about to sit down.

Step Two: Get in Position
Reach your right leg back and place that knee into the corner of the couch, where the back cushion meets the butt cushion.

Step Three: Squeeze Your Butt + Abs
Contract your right glute as hard as you can. Then contract your abs, thinking about pulling your belly button towards your spine.

Step Four: Hold It
After completing step three, you should feel a stretch through the front of your right hip. If you’re really tight you may even feel this stretch all through the quads down to the knee joint. Hold this position for one full minute. Then repeat steps one through four with the left leg.

Step Five: Enjoy Your New, Happier Hips + Spine


It’s easy to stick to a plant-based diet on home turf. But travel is a whole other level. We recommend our Full Shot Cold Brew Coffee. 6 grams of plant-based protein, 80mg caffeine, and 2 grams of MCT oils make it an easy, drinkable snack that will keep you energized. And oh yea, it's delicious. Baby carrots, bananas, apples, grapes and nuts of all kinds are other easy options for no-prep, plant-based fuel.


It’s all too easy to over schedule yourself while traveling. We’ve all been there; you’re only in town for a few days and everyone you’ve ever known wants to get together for coffee/drinks/lunch/whatever. You know you can’t do it all but you’re willing to die trying.

Taking five or ten minutes for yourself can go a long way towards managing the stress of a packed schedule. Find a quiet place, free from people and screens where you can meditate, think about what you’re grateful for or just sit quietly. Bonus points if it’s somewhere out in nature. After a quick dose of me-time, you can dive back into your crazy itinerary feeling refreshed.

Don’t buy this idea that you have to sacrifice your wellness in the name of holiday travel. These tips will help make the season a little less bitter and a lot more sweet. Remember though, travel can be tough even if you take this advice. Set expectations and go into your trip with a willingness to compromise. Take comfort in knowing that when you return home, you can settle right back into your plant-based routine. Safe travels.